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Smart select with evernote

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I like to use smart select alot on my Galaxy note 4 to clip things I like. I save most of my clippings into evernote. The problem I'm facing is that every time I share my clipping with evernote it get saved in a new note. How I can save multiple clips {directly} on the fly to a single note of my choice

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Hi.  I'm not familiar with smart select,  so don't know enough to comment in detail,  but you could deal with your notes in a few different ways.  If you want the notes for a specific period merged into one note,  search for the period and select all notes,  then merge.  If you wish all notes on a specific topic to be grouped,  you could search for content or keywords and merge,  or add a common title or tag to the notes to group them together.  AFAIK it's not possible to create a note with one clipping,  then at some later time,  append more information (unless you do it manually).

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