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Feature Request: audio interactive task list

Richard o


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Good luck with that...  Evernote doesn't do task management especially well;  you might experiment with the Android versions of Siri to see whether successive searches might be possible - I'm thinking of tasks in separate notes and finding all undone tasks with "next" in between.  Bit specialised for a feature request to Evernote - again,  you might want to raise this with connected 'to do' apps like TickTick and IQTell / Quip.

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'specialized' shouldn't be a barrier though - audio control in EverNote would be an outstanding accessibility feature and would keep me using it. the app has now got such poor colour contrast in the mobile versions that I only use it on my desktop. Flexible audio control could position EN as the 'go to' for people with poor vision or no vision, who don't want to have to work with highly structured specialized apps for to-do lists that are separate from note-taking, capturing web content, etc. There used to be a great software pkg called InfoCentral that allowed all kinds of content to be linked by any type of conxn - that's what I want, a grab-bag that can also be a to-do list.

I've complained about Evernote's pink/green scheme in mobile on Twitter, by the way, hoping to get a rise..l

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