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Icon keeps disappearing


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Hi all.  I just installed Evernote 2 days ago.


I have Windows 8.1 on an Acer laptop with Firefox browser.

I uninstalled Evernote Touch from the metro screen (ugh!)

I downloaded Evernote for windows - no problems - all the notes that I put on my smartphone synched just fine.

Icon appeared on the taskbar at the bottom

Shut the computer down

Restart - no icon.

Can't find the files to make a shortcut and past posts seem to say it doesn't work anyway.




Uninstalled Evernote

Reinstalled Evernote

Icon reappeared

Shut computer down and when I resarted the icon was gone again.



I have no idea what to do.



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Hi.  I have Evernote on both Dell and Asus laptops but in neither case does a restart delete the icon.  It should be possible to manage without - tap the Windows key and type 'Ev...' and Windows should suggest Evernote immediately.  Hit return and the application starts.  If you prefer to have a shortcut on your desktop,  have a look for Evernote.exe - it should be here - C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote - and right click.  Choose 'send to desktop' (create shortcut) from the drop-down menu and drag the shortcut to the taskbar if you wish...

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You can tap the windows key and search all apps for EN and start it.  Once it is started right click on the EN icon in the taskbar and select Pin to taskbar.  It should be there the next time you power up.

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If Evernote is on a drive that isn't mounted until late in the booting process -- a USB memory stick, an external drive that takes a while to spin up, etc. -- then the desktop icons may be created before that drive wakes up.  This isn't unique to Evernote: the icon for any application will not appear if it can't be found at the right point in the booting process.

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Thanks everyone. I found the program as was suggested (never have gotten used to Windows 8 and how to find things). Right clicking on the taskbar and making a shirtcut didn't work, but I found the shortcut some 10 levels down and dragged it to the desktop and all is well.

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