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"All Notes"

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The middle panel, the one often headed with "All Notes", that has the stack of snippets of notes,

disappeared.  I can't figure out why that happened, or how to bring it back.  The main loss is

that it doesn't seem to be easy to find any note other than a given notebook's most current

note, without that panel.


How do I get it back?  Or at least how do I list the old notes in a notebook?

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Thanks for the tip!  It turned out to be toggling F6.


But it's crazy complicated!


F10 hides/shows the left pane ("Shortcuts")

If you have 2 panes - Shortcuts on the left, & current note as the only other pane,

and you are stuck in this mode,

F6 is needed to make the stack of notes appear above the current note in a new pane.

Then & only then, 

F5 can toggle between this view, and 2 different forms of the stack of notes

in the middle pane.

F6 does nothing observable in this mode.

Usually, it seems like F11 can switch out the middle pane, but sometimes not.

I haven't been able to reproduce how I got the middle pane locked out consistently,

but it's probably some sequence of these F keys that sets that state.

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Toggle F5/ F10/ F11. One of those should do the trick.


OR, you could just keep hitting function keys until something happens.  LOL


Seriously though, Evernote documentation can be so frustrating!


So I think the actual answer is:  F11

This always works.


F6 is used to move the focus to the Search block.

It seems to have a side effect of showing the Note List if it is not currently shown.



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