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(Archived) evernote emailing from wrong email account



i'm using v1.6.1. i have 3 mobileme mail accounts in mail.app, and my primary account is the topmost one. but when i email notes from evernote, they're sent from one of the other (secondary) accounts.

the new window that pops up when you email a note has precious few options -- and no option for selection the "from" address. upon what is evernote basing its choice of accounts to use? and how do we change it?!?

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From address is coming from your evernote account setting. go to help\my account page\personal settings and change you email address.

thanks for the reply/info.

developers, with all due respect, this is not a good system. i don't want to change my evernote email address. i have different addresses for different purposes, and i need to be able to share (email) notes from whichever address i choose. i used to be able to do this in evernote, but the emailing system was changed at some point and is not an improvement. ;)

please bring back the old email behavior (clicking the "email" button brings up a standard mail.app window and populates it with the note to be sent). that way, we can share the notes from any account we wish.

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