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Evernote for Android 7.0.7 Release 

Theresa Pittappilly


Today we released Evernote for Android v7.0.7 to the Play Store.
In this update we focussed on improving support for offline notebooks. Not only did we enhance the user interface to align with material design and the rest of the app, it is now easier to find and set the notebooks you want to be offline. Just try the overflow menu of the offline notebook list to see this functionality. We have also brought the offline state of a notebook onto our notebook screens. 
Please do reply to this post with any issues you hit with the update as well as any feedback you may have. Thanks in advance!


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Now is all three Androids updated.


Like the green offline switch, hard to miss and the symbol for offline when showing the notebook.

And to finally see how much space on the phone or tablet the offline notebook take.


And the share-symbol is very good in the notebook-show list


I would like to disable market. Since I cannot by Evernote Post-It (no delivery to Sweden)! Just like a protest... ;)

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