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I'm just stopping by to say Thank-you. I know that most of what gets posted here are complaints and bug reports. I'd just like to say that I use EN on a daily basis and continue to be happy and impressed with it. I use EN under Windows 7 and 8, both via the PC desktop client and Web interfaces, on an iPad and on an iPhone.


A little background story about an event which prompted this posting: The other day I was working at a remote location offline -- that is, without Internet connection. I updated an existing recent Note and did some extensive work in it, recording some unreproduceable information. When I eventually moved to an Internet-enabled locale, I synced Notes and... my work disappeared! Frantic and panic-filled minutes ensued, but only the old version of the Note was in my notebook. AGH.


Then I thought to do an all-notebooks search and there it was! My updated Note was happily living in my Inbox notebook. Thank-you to whatever process or programmer who anticipated my offline activity and was smart enough to accommodate it.


Today I've been doing some housekeeping and setup in Saved Searches and Shortcuts. I'm very pleased with the results.


The ability to offload notes, thoughts, lists, works-in-progress, and ephemera from my brain into EN has made a significant contribution to the quality of my daily life.



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Awesome Hrynkiw! Thanks for reaching out and letting us know about your experience. We try to figure out ways to protect your data as much as possible, even when you're out and about. Made my day, thank you for the feedback. 

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