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  1. Just a quick note to remark that four years later this 'fix' still applies. (Win8, EN v5.9.9.x) (So happy. Thank-you Dave007.)
  2. Hrynkiw


    I'm just stopping by to say Thank-you. I know that most of what gets posted here are complaints and bug reports. I'd just like to say that I use EN on a daily basis and continue to be happy and impressed with it. I use EN under Windows 7 and 8, both via the PC desktop client and Web interfaces, on an iPad and on an iPhone. A little background story about an event which prompted this posting: The other day I was working at a remote location offline -- that is, without Internet connection. I updated an existing recent Note and did some extensive work in it, recording some unreproduceable information. When I eventually moved to an Internet-enabled locale, I synced Notes and... my work disappeared! Frantic and panic-filled minutes ensued, but only the old version of the Note was in my notebook. AGH. Then I thought to do an all-notebooks search and there it was! My updated Note was happily living in my Inbox notebook. Thank-you to whatever process or programmer who anticipated my offline activity and was smart enough to accommodate it. Today I've been doing some housekeeping and setup in Saved Searches and Shortcuts. I'm very pleased with the results. The ability to offload notes, thoughts, lists, works-in-progress, and ephemera from my brain into EN has made a significant contribution to the quality of my daily life. Thank-you.
  3. As I work in a note ('main note') I often need to refer to the content in multiple other notes. I love that I can open my 'main' note in a separate window and keep it handy as I search for and refer to the other notes. Thanks Evernote Team. (This on the PC desktop EN client v5.6.x.)
  4. [i'm using the Free version. YMMV.] > burying Shortcuts behind in a sub-screen when the top shortcuts used to be on top. Agreed. I'd like my Shortcuts to be exposed as well, not hidden under the section heading. > And even items removed through customization still appear at the bottom of the screen, they're not actually removed at all. When I remove sections via Customize Home Screen, they disappear from my home screen. Perhaps try again? ETA (Edited to add): Ah! The Announcements *section* disappears, but a tiny little trumpet icon is added at the bottom of the homepage bar. Is that what you were talking about? > Notebooks have their titles abbreviated so they can list as many notebooks as possible on a single line. My Notebooks are hidden under the section heading, where they are listed, unabbreviated, one per line. I wouldn't mind abbreviated Notebook names if they were exposed in the home page view. ETA: Figured out how to expose the Notebook names and Shortcuts (most recently used?) in home page view: Customize home screen > Show details > Let me allocate a fixed amount of space for various categories of stuff (e.g., most recent 5 notebooks, most recent 10 notes, etc.) > Let me allocate a dynamic amount of screen space (e.g., Shortcuts = 30%, Notes = 30%, Notebooks = 40%) Enthusiastically agreed. I am mystified by the big grey block of nothingness on the right side of the home screen. Why not use it to display the last Notebook or Note accessed?
  5. > I would have thought Voice Note Addition / Recording would be a must? > I would have also thought that Reminders in the form of tapping to pull up all Reminders would have been a better addition to the custom home screen? Respectfully disagreeing. I don't want either audio notes or reminders in my Evernote and would like an option to disable their appearance anywhere in my EN. Likewise locations. > I think there are two icons that could be used beside Sync and Find also? Maybe push Market and Announcements there? :-) Again respectfully disagreeing. I use Sync and Find FAR more often than Market and Announcements. I *like* that they're at the top of the screen and easy to find. Of all the dot icons at the top of the dashboard bar, the only one I will use is the New (text) note. I'd be happy to lose ALL the dot icons at the top of dashboard bar if a "New (text) note" icon was added next to the Sync and Find. In the ten minutes or so I've used the new upgrade, I like it just fine. I've been able to find all the functions I use regularly, and I've changed my default theme and rearraged the sections slightly.
  6. Yup, delete app and reinstall worked just fine.
  7. Many thanks for the pointer to postings from folks with the same problem. It's reassuring to know it hasn't happened to only me. It seems that deleting and re-installing the app is the only solution left to me. Not a big deal, as I'm pretty sure I left very little unsynced. Thanks again.
  8. I'm stuck in the EN browser on my iPad and can't get out. I visited the source page for one of my notes and the Done link doesn't work to get me back to EN. I've tried reloading the page and interrupting the load, reloading and letting it fully load, rebooting the iPad (which usually works), and (ghod help me) even applying an EN upgrade, but no luck. When EN loads, I get the green EN title bar, a brief flash of what might be the desktop, then the browser loading the web page. Is there anything else I can try short of deleting the EN app entirely and re- installing?
  9. Thanks for your response. I must be remembering the older method. Alas.
  10. Is there an efficient way to add four or more tags to a note? When I create a new note, I can add two tags with "<type tag>+Return" in the dashboard view, and a third in the automatic popup, but after that I have to click the down-down-down (nested v's) icon AND click again on the "click to add tag..." link for every subsequent tag. The keyboard shortcut is a non-starter: I can never remember it.
  11. I'd like an option for turning off all mentions of Reminders. I know it's been a long-time request from many users, but I never use them and I sometimes end up setting them by accident. Likewise I'd like to turn off all mention of Location settings. My notes never have a geographic aspect and I find mentions of location to be just so much visual clutter.
  12. I'd like an option to turn off/hide 'Reminder' functionality. It's an option I never use, and it just adds clutter and takes up space.
  13. I'd like an option to turn off the appearance of 'share' in a note header bar. It's an option I'll never use and it's already present in the text toolbar.
  14. Evernote v5.0.2.1392 When I scroll down in a note that's longer than a screenful, the title of the note scrolls off the top of the screen. The title of a note should always be visible at the top of the page.
  15. I'm using EN on an iPhone, iPad and Windows 7 PC. I like the Section/SubSection formatting I recently found on my iPhone client and miss/want them on the iPad and in the Windows environment. I can offer this work-around: Copy several letters from an existing Section or SubSection heading and paste it where you want the new heading to be. Edit the pasted text to the new heading text. Be careful; if you delete too much (the paragraph marker, I suspect) you'll lose the Section/SubSection formatting. Not great, but a functional work-around.
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