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(Archived) EN should be included in jing. how is this possible?

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hi evernote team,

i saw a lot of application or (web)services, which EN works with and i really love that.

currently i'm missing, that i cannot save my screencasts made with jing directly into EN.

as you can see on the screenshot, made inside jing, they offer different services, so EN could be there too, i think/hope.


i do not know, what steps to take to make my wish true, but i know, that you know because you did this already a hundred times ;-)

would be great to see EN in jing in the (near) future.


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We'd love to see Jing add Evernote into their application. Our Support staff has only limited ability to get other vendors to add Evernote into their software, however.


Agreed - The best idea would be for the user to send a support email to Jing to suggest an inclusion of Evernote.

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