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Still not possible to batch save Outlook items?

Emile Spaanbroek


After several updates already and more than six weeks it is still not possible to batch save Outlook items into Evernote. This was standard functionality and after an update it was suddenly gone. Much people complained about this, but nothing did happen yet. 


Can we at least get a status update about this issue? Is there anybody at Evernote's working on this? Is there a planning to share, so we know when the functionality will return? Or do we really have to look to another tool and leave Evernote.


I think this is really a bad sign to your users. Unfortunately it is not the first time I did get such a sign, seeing much tickets unresolved. Do you even really care about your users or what?


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Sorry for the inconvenience. I've stated on other threads that we will bring the feature to batch clip emails back as soon as we can. Unfortunately it will take some time before it returns and I apologize for that. 

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What we need to know is when it will return. Are we talking about days, months or years. Or, maybe, will it never happen. 


I have several support tickets that were handled over to development and most of them stay unresolved for years now. So, sorry, but I don't feel very confident about the effort is taken to resolve these issues anymore.


So, please don't say it will take some time but tell us what steps were and are taken to resolve this issue. As far as I see it now nothing has been done about it yet. And that is a big shame and very disrespectfull to your customers!

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