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Outlook to EN

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This has been asked a few times.  To show I'm not unaware, I've found a fw posts about importing Outlook notes to EN.

At risk of boring the reader, here is the one I've found that looks easiest . . .


1. Set up a folder in Evernote for your Outlook Notes (optional, but I wanted all my Outlook Notes to NOT be imported into the same folder as other Evernote Notes):

If you want your Outlook Notes in a particular Evernote folder, in Evernote create the folder that you want the Outlook Notes to go to by clicking "File" on the Menu bar > "New Notebook" (or just hit ctrl+shift+n). A pop-up window opens where you name your Notebook (I selected the "synchronized notebook" radio button to ensure I have access to these notes on other computers and/or devices).


2. In Outlook, go to your Notes, select one of the Notes (don't double-click on it to open it, just have it highlighted), then on the menu bar click edit > select all. All of your Outlook Notes should be highlighted.

Right-click on the highlighted Notes and select "ADD TO EVERNOTE". [emphasis mine]

An Evernote pop-up window comes up where you can specify any particular tags you want on the notes, and select the Notebook from the dropdown list you want the Notes to be imported into.

Click on "Add Notes".


Everything works until I get to "ADD TO EVERNOTE."  I have no such option.  How do I get the "Add to Evernote" option?  Is thre an easier way to import?  The instructions above come from a 2013 post and EN may have provided an easier way.


Next question:  Can I sync the notes?

Next question:  Can I import an Outlook database?

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Hi.  If you check around the forums,  you'll notice that there has been some concern of late about changes to the Outlook Clipper which moves emails - and notes - into Evernote.  It used to deal with multiple emails (and,  presumably notes) - but now only deals with one item at a time.


if you have Evernote Desktop installed you should have something like this on your menu bar.  That would have been a good answer for your query,  but unfortunately the 'one at a time' issue has caught up with it.  You can move Outlook notes into Evernote - just very slowly...


Outlook itself has changed a bit recently - you might be using the 2007,  2010 or 2013 version - I'm on 2013.  I looked and there is no 'add to evernote' option for notes.  All I can seem to do is print or export the notes.  If you're able to print to PDF files,  you could add those files to an Import Folder (a Windows feature that imports files placed there into EN Notes).  Or you could maybe export your notes to a CSV file and import from that file.


There are probably some fairly techy options if you want to use them,  but it would be useful to know your operating system,  the number of notes to convert and whether there is anything other than text in your notes.


Edit:  I should have said that we're currently waiting for Evernote to have a look at converting the clipper back to handling multiple documents - timescale unknown.  You also would have the option of winding your desktop version of Evernote back to the version that did handle multiple notes.

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Unfortunately, another option is moving to OneNote.  I know noting about it other than 2 of my associates use it.  I DO know it can do mass import and sync.  Not saying I'll make the move but this here/not here characteristic is getting annoying.

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