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First I have to apologize to the forum.


I am a new user to Evernote, I came in late.  Sorry..  I spoke too soon about Evernote and it's comparison to 'other' similar products


Second I have been using Evernote for about 6 months..


Even though I found an old note I created in 2010.. obviously I used it before, just never REALLY used it..


Third I am a Systems Engineer


I have tried NUMEROUS text editors.. Why didn't anyone tell me about Evernote, you TRYING to keep the web best kept secret to yourself or what??!


Fourth I started using Evernote after reading an article..


The article was something like .. I use evernote exclusively..  and I remember thinking to myself.. wow someone is rather jaded..


BOY, was I WRONG (apology)


as a person that documents everything, and likes to bookmark things.. I find Evernote infinitely more useful than ANY bookmark..


Besides the obvious bookmarks can be moved or changed or deleted..  Evernote keeps you in touch.  Between the mobile app, sending email and snippets from my phone directly to my Evernote notebook(s) and clipper from any browser, how can anyone use anything else?!?


People must not be FULLY educated on Evernote..


To that I say EVERYONE needs to use Evernote (exclusively -- for a few days to get understand) like the author of that article that pushed me to use it and my use of Evernote.. seriously it's *ALL* I use now.. TOTALLY.  Not as a text editor (although I do clip stuff and edit it later).. just note taking.  It can be a good clip for images and text.. oh yeah ever heard of annotation..it's BUILT IN!


Yeah for those of you reading are probably like YAWN.. Where is the train station so we can get to the point.....


My point is EVERNOTE, is the best web companion EVER, in the history of computers and note taking and Evernote *IS* what cloud was invented for.  That's my take.


It's just GREAT, use and see for yourself. .. I basically stopped bookmarks, favorites and simply put everything on Evernote.. I use it so much I am afraid Evernote will cut me off even though I am a premium user.. really It's like web page, clip, recipes clip, on my phone I use news readers, clip send to evernote.. the System Admins at Evernote have to take my account as the example of how people ABUSE their usage ;)


Anyway if anyone says they need a good way to stay in touch with life.. EVERNOTE, its *ALL* you will *EVER* need.  It's actually FUN to get information from the web now because it's so easy .. with EVERNOTE.  -- E V E R: Everyone's Veritable Effective Repository


Thank you.

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