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  1. OK it seems there are just too many open and unresolved items for Evernote, either the team is overworked or ambivalent. Either way Microsoft OneNote seems to be what I need (sure this group doesn't care). I have cancelled my Evernote which is a great product unfortunately has too many limitations that I am not willing to overcome, OneNote as a turns out has way more features (as of 2016 version) and I can choose where to store by file (online or offline) and don't have to deal with line space, PDF problems or beta issues with a polished product. Argue or not I am a customer (and appears evernote has no quantification for this) and I should get what I want, that's EXACTLY why I am switching. Not endorsing OneNote merely signaling my discontent with the current Evernote status.. maybe in a year or 10 I might entertain another switch but I am getting off this Titanic (over stating as it may be) if it's NOT working as planned it may as well be considered a FAILURE. Period. It should just work. I have used Evernote exclusively for almost 5 years and it's rather ridiculous it has to come to this. I guess I should finally realize why Microsoft is so big.. they do what NEEDS to be done not make excuses (jefito), you really need to stop trying to assuage products that are not living up their potential.. I like to give the underdog the benefit of the doubt, but that endeavor fails me more than I can remember. You think small you stay small . . . . .
  2. Break yes but remove previous feature NO they do NOT. They keep current features add new ones still manage to keep it working but still add new functionality.. BETA is nature to break stuff but not render it useless. Not supposed to work that way. Exactly but in this case there are WAY too many features missing to call this an 'oops'.. it seems like they started over to abandon the current version to start over, that's my point. I have been a beta tester for Microsoft for YEARS NEVER had a product including Windows that was missing or completely gone that customers were actively using, they didn't just release an OS and say 'oh yeah we need to add file system permissions or we forgot to include powershell'. The existing features are still there just maybe upgraded or perhaps moved or changed name but not gone. The BETA editor in Evernote I have to enable it, then I can edit stuff, if I restart or close Chrome it no longer works. Have to revert to 'classic' then re-enable editor. Too many bugs to be useful and LOTS of things were working before BETA. First of all BETA is the version just before release.. you have an ALPHA to start design phase. BETA is supposed to be version to test features to ensure final product is smooth, then you have a pre-release and a 'GOLD' release as a final test.. this is like a pre-Alpha, that's how it feels. You are kidding right? OF COURSE there are rules that why in development world there are STANDARDS, that's why companies use API and code.. if you have no rules well then you are doing it wrong. Not how ANY company (and I work for a development software company) works. I have developers looking at me because they heard me laughing and they are like ???!?! What does he mean 'no rules'.. that's crazy. You can't just make up stuff as you go, but then again that explains a lot for Evernote. If that's how 'cowboys' do it Redood City, well you are off the grid. Besides we are not talking about a new product we are talking about a new FEATURE in that product, I can simply hit edit.. and do what I need but BETA no so much..... you can't rewrite an edit function that worked before, that's bad development process. Sounds like you are moving forward no matter what I say, I guess if you speak for everyone at Evernote then I have no more use for you then. And it's NOT reality of the software business maybe you live in an alternate universe but in the REAL world not how it works. It also seems like you have NO QA, TEST or even a customer test of software .. you just have 'here it is take it or leave it' approach. (leave us a comment!) Awesome. You should keep your day job because if you move to another company they will laugh you out of the room if you mention how you did things 'back there'... Incredibly non-sense way of doing things. Evernote will lose customers.. then maybe management will go back and say 'where did we go wrong'... Well jefito said 'it was fast and loose'.. and that's when the roof caved in.. ah well maybe we should learn from that.
  3. Yeah automobiles go through the same thing, but they don't ditch working engines and transmissions just to make way for some unified experience. I am all for new features just don't BREAK existing methods. I have been in too many betas, projects and coding to know that you don't abandon the existing usefulness of a product just to start over with new features you can still incorporate what is already working. The idea for BETA is to ADD functionality not start over, then it wouldn't be evernote it would be a COMPLETELY new product. So if that's how it's going to be then maybe it's time to move on to OneNote or Google Keep, because my functionality is being interrupted and breaking my way of doing things. Yeah I know BETA is strictly voluntary but I don't expect to have to QA test and be a reminder that this used to work and that used to work either... It should just work.. and add functionality in the process. Apple, Microsoft, Google they all manage to keep the fires burning while they add new things to the empire, we don't burn down the old castle to make room for a new one, you build a new castle with basic foundation because you learn from the past.. you don't start completely over, that's just void of common sense. It's also how things will get missed.
  4. Yeah I am using Chrome, if I switch to Beta Editor it's fine to edit and make changes.. UNTIL I close Chrome then it doesn't work anymore. Next time I open Chrome beta editor doesn't work, double click, right click no option to 'edit' anymore. I have to change back to classic. Not only that but it converts ALL my content to HTML, it's one long listing in a note. I have to revert to Classic to make changes . Don't understand 'beta' editor it WAS working fine.. beta CHANGES should not change overall behavior.. just ADD some new features, why re-invent the wheel?!?!
  5. The RealPad ibuddie comes with kit kat 4.4.2, so unless you installed it yourself or bought it from a 3rd party that installed it, you put an OS that was not the original one that came with the device. So Samsung is correct, it's not supported.. even if you installed 6.0 Marshmallow does not imply the hardware can support the newer OS.. dangers of self installing
  6. Translation: I don't like change, so I am going to rant and rave about previously tested changes by other users.. in an attempt to disparage other people that like the new changes, even when the testing took months.... You can't find the camera.. so the camera symbol right below the note on the right isn't indicative of what it does?!??! You have some serious issues.. did you LOOK first?!?
  7. OK developers, I think you need to stop making this program so good. Just stop it. I spend enough time in Evernote I don't need more reasons to like it. NOW I can see icon preview images in my notes list.. what's up with that?!?!? A new feature I really like and now I suppose I have to add that to my list of things that makes Evernote great now? seriously.. stop.. I am getting things done quicker, gee thanks! more work for me. On a side note (see what I did there) how can we change these because some notes have the icon while others do not.. where do we customize these? Because now I have to learn something ELSE.. c'mon.. its only going to make me want to force the CFO to buy a site license
  8. Can we make notes read only? I accidentally hit information inside notes in trying to copy \ paste on my mobile. Then I end up saving it only to find out later that I moved something. Is there a way in Evernote to mark a notebook or note as read only so I don't accidentally change data?
  9. OK I take it back.. maybe the problem *IS* your machine.. I wouldn't be caught DEAD with a ThinkPad... Evernote says its the app, but its funny how its only a few people with the same version that have the problem.. software is not whimsical it either works or it doesn't but Evernote says its them, fine I will let them handle it..
  10. Its your OS or lack of maintenance not the 30 lb machine.. I have had Evernote for a while.. NEVER had a problem with the desktop, its the least problematic. I'd say you need to clean your registry or do a better job updating the patches, but it's not the machine.. Could also be the fact that you are using a mechanical drive, SSD are much better and more predictable performance.
  11. No, it's us. We suspect a deadlock with worker threads and the UI thread. Since it's timing related, reproduction and fixing is extremely tricky. Interesting thing about code it doesn't work sporadically it either works for everyone or not at all. so if it is the app then why isn't EVERYONE with the same version of evernote having the same problem. I am on Windows 7 at work, my evernote does not hang like this.. So the code will not just fail at random, it either works or it doesn't within the same environment. The behavior for applications is a combination of factors including installed apps and DLLs in conflict, so if the OP version does not work and yet mine does.. something ELSE is interfering....
  12. Companies like Evernote do very thorough testing of applications, if someone else has the same version and same size database we could compare and know for sure. Until then this is a Windows problem not an application. I have seen people with larger database and don't have issues, its immediately upon opening. If this were an application problem it would crash with an error "unknown problem, or database too large, or file corrupted" but it's Windows API causing the app to hang and not respond.. that is NOT an application controlled issue. That's Windows.
  13. This is a VERY strong statement, and given what I can see of my particular problem, almost certainly not true. Also, registry cleaners are in general a VERY BAD IDEA. DO NOT USE THEM. Based on what evidence? Given what you have seen of the problem, which is what exactly? Programs can solve problems faster than any human can, at least tell you where to start. If he scans the registry with a tool and it identifies 300 or more errors, then what that's a coincidence? You don't know what you don't know.. which is what shape the registry is in. How tough can it be to at LEAST try, also try to remember your audience.. I am not some first year high school student with a tablet, I have been fixing problems with computers since Windows was even in beta.. so I THINK I might have some insight into the problem. If I give advice it might mean I have some experience with these problems.
  14. This is a VERY strong statement, and given what I can see of my particular problem, almost certainly not true. Also, registry cleaners are in general a VERY BAD IDEA. DO NOT USE THEM. I have to agree, this is not a good idea. Cleaners can really damage your registry even more than it was before. Yes, some cleaners are better than others, but there are no guarantees. Also, like eric scoles pointed out, this shouldn't even be the reason Evernote keeps going to "not responding" status. Sure, a bad registry can mess things up, but I can't say this connection seems very logical. Evernote as a client is so big and complex now and maybe they focused a little too much on the many new features and forgot about the most important things, a speedy interface for example. That would be my guess, or at least in combination with a big note archive accumulated over a long period of time. That seems like a bad combo if the Evernote client isn't optimized as it used to be before all the clutter. An easy fix that at least minimized the problem were to switch to an SSD, but other people have also commented on experiencing the same thing regardless of HDD setup, but in different degrees maybe. SSD should speed things up even if the programming isn't great. I use a lot of heavy software, so for me an SSD is a logical switch anyway, but I can't say I'm very confident about great results in regard to this issue. Evernote have work to do here and the problem has just gotten worse over the last years, not better, which once again, points to all the clutter being one of the problems. I haven't looked all over the Internet after ideas though, maybe I missed something outside these threads. Yeah better to GUESS at what the problem could be rather than fix it. Not sure where you get your info from but Registry cleaners work well been using them for.. eh.. 20 years now. Maybe you have been using the wrong tool. ALL they do is FIX a problem, maybe the ones you use or the way you use them breaks Windows but if done properly they work well. But do whatever you want, suggest another way to "fix" his problem eventually you will realize the registry is where everything Windows gets handled, manually fix the problem or use an automated tool, one way or the other you will clean the registry to fix the issue. Using a faster drive is not a viable solution either, the app is broken its not slow. Have you ever done diagnostic for application issues before? You don't suggest that app speed has anything to do with app freezing, that's not good advice at all. I don't use evernote on an SSD and it works fine. I do this professionally among other things, use lots of tools there are proper ways to fix things and improper ways.. you have to get the ROOT of the problem not just apply a bandaid. The problem is the registry, period. In those 20 years I have been using registry fix tools NEVER had anyone say "generally registry tools are a bad idea".. I think not only is this not based on fact but its mostly fear or ignorance of how registry programs work. If he wants to fix the problem it starts with Windows. If we all use the same program, and I am using Evernote on Windows 7 myself then we have to go back to the last common denominator..which is the registry. I guarantee you mine is healthy his is not, and whatever is going on with freezing could be a long time problem with the registry. I only apply solutions not a bunch of ideas, the solution is Registry Cleaner, I would rather spend 1 minute having a program identify the root cause than making someone spend money on a unrelated issue. If the drive were the problem Windows wouldn't work at all not just 1 program. So don't "guess" at the problem know what you are dealing with a registry cleaner can at LEAST identify the problem BEFORE you apply the changes.. it doesn't have to make them permanent but its much faster than you can diagnose I am SURE of that.
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