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Evermail not sending all selections from mail to evernote


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Hello all,


I have dabbled in Evernote since 2012 but decided to take it to "the next level" after watching "The Secret Weapon". Is this a good place to start in term of getting "organized" by the way? It seems like the site hasn't been updated in awhile. At any rate, it seemed good so I am trying to follow instructions. 


I have installed Evermail but notice that it only partially moves my selected email over to evernote from OS X MAIL (running Yosemite).


First I tried to just move all 954 messages over (highlight the messages is mac mail) and it moved about 10. It was not completely obvious in which 10 it moved either. Then I tried to move 20 and it moved about 8. I have the Premium Version of Evernote and the paid version of Evermail. I have tried "resynching" after some time to see if the messages are the "on the way" and more appear after a few seconds sometimes but then no more.


 I wonder if anyone has experienced this before and might have a solution or ideas. I've sent a ticket off to Evermail yesterday but haven't heard back just yet. It seems like there was a chwungasoft forum at some point but the link to that was broken - 404 error. Hmm. 



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Hi.  Just for openers I'm not a Mac,  TSW or Evermail user


There are some keen TSW and GTD users around the forums but I tend to follow a 'modified' GTD system.  The Godfather of GTD,  David Allen takes the view that it's better to use the bits you need from a published system like his,  rather than slavishly try to follow the exact process with identical folders and tags.  There's no 'one size fits all' system and you need to find your own way to something which is comfortable (for you) because you'll then apply it consistently and correctly.  And once you've got a system that works,  stop fiddling and stop looking - it's easy to spend years searching for the 'perfect' system.  That's time wasted from actually getting the job done!


I prefer to use a specific 'todo' app - http://TickTick.com - to take care of dates and repetitions and urgencies,  and just store details in Evernote.  I can link to my notes from TickTick where necessary.


There are lots of alternatives,  and I'm sure a few of the others here will weigh in with their preferred setups.  You can check out the Evernote-linked options here - http://appcenter.evernote.com/


As to emails,  you can get the content into Evernote in a variety of ways,  but if it's the link back to the original email that you need,  then Evermail looks like the option you need.  Hope someone else can come in with suggestions there...

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Thanks. I hope someone has the email solution for Evermail also and a back link is nice, plus I already bought it! 


I'd be curious to hear more about how you use TickTick with Evernote and your process. I used to used a similar program to TickTick (Teuxdeux) as my main Todo but it got too cluttered and was too simplistic.


I was thinking of having my one line todo's and daily stuff (get milk, hang pictures, goto the gym, dentist 5:00) on TickTick and then having more significant projects that have email threads, documents etc. based in Evernote. I guess I could say "Work on Project 1" in TickTick and then goto it in Evernote. Evernote just seems too clunky for small tasks for some reason. But I also don't want to create too many "systems". How do you do things?

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It's pretty much as simple as I described - TickTick is just super-easy to open up on my laptop,  in my browser,  on the mobile - wherever I think of a task to complete,  I can add it to TT. 


My lists are very broad - ¡NOW! / Soon / sometime and do well enough to capture all random thoughts. (I get lots of those.) 


When I get down to planning more closely,  I can add due dates,  meetings,  assign tasks,  and do more work in Evernote.  When that happens I can link the note(s) with my todo entries via the note link. 


If I create an external file - like a spreadsheet or a mind map - I can link that from the TT entry,  or from the note.


It's important that it not be rocket science - complications always cause problems and get in the way of getting stuff done!


I do have one activity that falls outside all of the above - marketing and PR plans,  exhibition schedules and the like wind up in spreadsheets or a VueMinder calendar.  VM seems to me to have more useful features than any others I found so far. 


And since it works for me,  like I said before,  I stopped looking at other calendar apps.

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Very good. I think I will try to keep things contained in Evernote for now to help me get the hang of it and then check out TT later on. Thanks. 


I still haven't been able to dig up any solution or support from my Evermail problem. Does anyone have a "next best idea" for Yosemite, Mail and Evernote to move a ton of email over (Maybe 2500 or so stored emails) including attachments hopefully and even a back link...

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Seems like 2500 emails plus attachments might add up to quite a chunk of data - is it really necessary to move it all at once?  If your email is reasonably secure and searchable where it is,  why not move it to Evernote item by item as you work through your tasks?

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I can do that from now going forward but want to store/tag/delete the rest of my stuff. I'm more concerned about being able to reliably, transfer a chunk of emails (say 50) without a random selection being moved over and me having to figure out what's what. Reverse of GTD!  


I think it's a problem with MAIL. I'm going to try and figure out how to reinstall and maybe that will help since Evermail and these other scripts are working for others and none of them are working for me. 

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