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EN4 - shortcuts suddenly fail


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Using EN on workhorse PC (simpler/superior interface).  Remaining PCs/Macs on current version.

Suddenly shortcuts fail to "take":  any newly created note, even when created from an old notebook of "templates", when dragged to shortcut bar produces a nonfunctional icon.

(The button seems to clic & "stick there", fails to call the intended note).

Older notes happily yield new shortcut links which perform normally.


Randomly checking for what's wrong: link-to-note HTML links work fine with new/old notes.  Something else going on.

The same shortcut-resistant notes produce normal shortcuts in current EN version.


Any ideas?



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Hi.  Is there a reason you're sticking to an older version of Evernote?  Not criticising,  just asking.  The current version is 5.8.8


I'd suggest you log out of Evernote and restart the computer,  then see whether the problem continues.  The next level of 'fixing' would be to uninstall/ reinstall,  but you'll need to find your version's installation package.  It might be here - C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\AutoUpdate.  Move it to your desktop if it is.


If you do decide to reinstall -

  • Evernote > Tools > Options > General to check the location of your database folder
  • File > Exit to close Evernote down.  Exit Outlook too.
  • Go to the folder and copy it somewhere else as a backup.  It shouldn't be affected by a reinstall,  but this is a good precaution.
  • Uninstall Evernote via Control Panel
  • Restart / reinstall Evernote "as Administrator"
  • Restart Outlook
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Thanks Gz - yes, I have a single PC still on EN4 because I find the EN5+ interface irritating.  Otherwise PCs Macs & iOS devices all current.

Issue is 2nd mysterious bug in EN4, will try reinstalling it & will surrender at last to EN5 if it fails.


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