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Clipping text and URLs together

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Hi, this is my first time posting on the forums.

One thing I like using Evernote for is to clip text on web pages, then use those clippings as quotes on my blog.

My main way of doing this is to highlight some text, tap the share button in Chrome, then press 'add to Evernote.'

This creates the selected text as a new note, but it doesn't seem to save the page URL with it.

I've seen how I can clip an entire page on its own, or just a URL on its own - but not a selection of text together with the URL (which is what I need).

Is Evernote capable of doing this, or would I need to install a third party extension?

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Hi.  Use the Add-ins page in Chrome and search for the Evernote Clipper.  Add that to your browser toolbar,  and clip 'selection' when you highlight text.  It's very flexible - there are lots of options - and you can use SImplify/ Remove formatting when the note is created to take out any web page formatting that might have transferred over.  You will get an automatic URL link in the note.

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Doh!  Sorry - and yes,  it does.  (Memo to self:  always read the complete thread before posting...)


The Chrome add-in is a desktop feature,  not an Android one.  If you have Chrome and Evernote installed on your tablet though,  choose Share from the top-right menu,  and scroll down until you see Evernote.  If you need to select text first,  do so and use the 'dumbell' menu to share.  Choose Add to Evernote in both cases and should get the content and the URL in one package.

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I tried the top-right menu, but unfortunately it is not recording both things in the one note.

By the dumbell menu, do you mean the temporary menu that appears at the top of the screen with a few icons, including the share icon (that looks like two dumbells touching at one end, like a sideways v-shape)?

I tried that as well, but the created note is only storing the text that I highlighted, and not the URL.

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Hi.  When you say that the URL is not being recorded,  are you looking for a full URL in the body of the note,  or are you looking at the URL field in the note header (the one sometimes hidden under the "i")?


As to which dumbells - tapping this




gets you here




- but you're right - there's no URL in the note header.


If you grab the whole page via the main screen three-dots menu,  you will get a URL as below -





Edit:  though that URL doesn't show up on a mobile device,  only a desktop.

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I was looking for the URL in the body of the note, seeing as I'd treat it as secondary to the shared text itself.

Alternatively, if the URL appeared as a field when pressing the 'i' icon, that would be fine too.

When I try that icon on my tablet, the only info fields I get are the created date, the updated date, and tags.

Your last screen shot shows exactly what I'd like to have, but it seems to be missing from the tablet interface :(

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