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Everynote Security - OS X, iOS New Vulnerability

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Excuse me if this has been addressed in another topic!


Yesterday, I read about serious-sounding iOS and OS X vulnerabilities that allow attackers to gain access to the resources of one application from another. These vulnerabilities may also allow keychains to be cracked and the resulting services/applications accessed.


My questions for the Community and for the Evernote team are:


- Do you believe Evernote is vulnerable when devices are compromised, as suggested by the articles below?

- Does Evernote plan to release an Evernote update specifically to address these vulnerabilities? 

- Are you currently aware of malware making use of these new vulnerabilities?


Thank you for any input you can provide!








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the researchers specifically mentioned evernote as vulnerable. i think we have to assume it is.



Thanks for sharing the actual source article that discovered this issue.


Here's a key section of the abstract that mentions Evernote:


Further, the design of the App sandbox on OS X was found to be vulnerable, exposing an app’s private directory

 to the sandboxed malware that hijacks its Apple Bundle ID.
As a result, sensitive user data, like the notes and user contacts under Evernote and photos under WeChat, have all been disclosed.
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