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Account Deactivated?!?

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I am a premium user, not up for renewal until August 2015.


Today I tried to sign on the web version and got a message: "Your account has been deactivated."


I clicked the link "Reactivate Account" but was still unable to sign in. Meanwhile, my mac and iphone are still syncing normally.


I went to the customer support page, was asked to sign in, and this time it seemed to work. 


However, when I finished typing up my problem, I was unable to use chat because it says I am not a premium user. 


I am now able to access my account on the web version, but it says I am not premium. My mac version says I am premium. These are the same account, the same email and account name. 


Since it may be weeks before my request is looked at by the support people and I can't chat with Evernote, I hoped posting here might get me an answer sooner. This is the first time I've ever had a problem like this, but I have seen similar complaints here on the forum. 


Having nearly 10,000 notes, "your account has been deactivated" is not a message I ever want to see! 


Edit: Yike! My online account has 1 note: Welcome to Evernote. 

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Okay, I think I figured out what I did -- I changed my email at some point and signed in with the wrong one. When I signed in using the right one, all my notes are there and I am still premium.


What I can't figure out is how I ended up with a second account using my old email. I do not remember ever setting up a second account, and I probably would not have used that email if I did. 


Sorry for double-posting.  :huh: I was in panic mode.


PS: Thank you Metrodon for quickly flagging this!

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