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I shouldn't have clicked on the "try out our new version" button, as it made it seem like I could go back to the old version & I see no way to do that.


I don't like the new version.


It's not highlighting words I find. It did the first time, but when I hit the backspace button I have no idea what it backspaced & now it doesn't work.


And when it pulls up a note, I can't get to my notebooks easily like I could on the other version. I have to click a button instead of just being able to scroll down.


Also the x to delete the kw I'm searching for isn't there anymore or it's so light I can't see it.


I need to do things quickly, I can't sit here & re-learn the software from scratch.


How do I get back?





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Oh thank gawd I'm back to the normal one. LOL


Another note if anyone in development is reading this:


When I created a new note by accident (I find those button icons on the left panel way to easy to click on by accident), there was no way to delete the note. I had to literally hit my browser's back button just to get back to the regular dashboard.


Thanks a ton gazumped. :)

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