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my new updated evernote version easily down with no reaction

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As the title shown, After I updated Evernote with new version Although my outlook (office 2010) mail clipper function recovered, but now easily down and no reaction to make me frustration.

My computer OS running window 8.1 



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Hi.  Not sure why the update would cause problems,  but all I can suggest in this case is to uninstall and reinstall Evernote -


Evernote > Tools > Options > General to check the location of your database folder

File > Exit to close Evernote down.  Exit Outlook too.

Go to the folder and copy it somewhere else as a backup.  It shouldn't be affected by a reinstall,  but this is a good precaution.

Uninstall Evernote via Control Panel

Restart / reinstall Evernote "as Administrator"

Restart Outlook


If that doesn't improve matters you could try raising a query via Twitter @Evernotehelps

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May not be related, but I updated to 7837 over the weekend and have had two not respondings since.  One had occurred in my absence, it was on my machine after a couple of hours away.  It did it to itself, go figure!  X out and restart and does not appear to be the worse for wear.


Didn't have the issues prior to this release.  Something in the release notes about improving performance while  syncing large data bases.  Enough said.

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Thanks for both U kindly reply my question.

for Gazumped

thanks, I will try later after my desktop free from job. I will post the situation on the post after i try.

for Csihilling

it's really I have more dozen down's experiences after I update my new version of Evernote .

The story is after several edit and synchronization. then no reaction over at least 30 minutes after I terminate and restart the program.    and again and again.

My OS is Chinese Win 8.1.

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