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Hi everyone,


lately i'm not able anymore to save a youtube link. If i use the bookmark to save the page, it saves the page on my notebook, but the link is linked to a general www.youtube.com page, which is kind of useless.

How can i fix it?


Thanks very much

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I'm sorry, i'll try to explain me better: my english is not perfect yet.


The problem is referred to saving links on a normal pc, running windows 7.

I've downloaded the 'clipper' and i've the tool implemented in my google chrome browser.


Everytime i find a video i wanna save i click on the clipper simbol and than on the menu, where i can choose the saving manner of the page in one specific evernote notebook. I usually choose 'bookmark' (i don't know how it's called in english version, cause i've the italian one: it's the option with which i can save the link)


The result is i can see the title of the video i've saved in my evernote note page, but the link bring me to the main page of youtube, and not to the specific one i've saved.


I hope i've explained myself better, and thank you anyway for your attention.

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It works the same in Chrome for me, generic URL.  However, Firefox works just fine.  So, I don't know how you feel about using Firefox but I would give it a go.  I actually use Firefox more now since Chrome seems to have gotten to be slower and more of a resource hog,

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