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Tagging inside a note

Jean D.

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I am wondering if there is any third party software that would allow you to use Evernote for qualative research purposes to code notes. All this would really require is the ability to highlight text inside a note and tag/code it, and then sort those tags seperately. If this doesn't exist yet it would be a great app development opportunity. This is basically what HyperResearch and other qualtative research programs allow you to do, but they are costly, not avaiable on web/ios, and/or ugly.


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Hi.  This feature doesn't exist yet  and while it might be 'a great development opportunity' it's not clear how it would help most of Evernote's existing user base,  or attract a major volume of new ones.  The devs will have seen your suggestion - they'll add it to what I suspect is already a long list...

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