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Can Anyone at Evernote Do Math?

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Look, I'm not really on solid ground here, complaining about a free product. But it does appear that Evernote is having a difficult time counting to 30.


I'm on the free Evernote plan, and with that plan I get 60 MB of storage every 30 days.


Except, the way Evernote tracks and controls that 30-day quota looks to be purposely incorrect. In fact, that quota is provided over 32 days, because Evernote counts the first day as Day 30 and the last day as Day 0. Exacerbating this issue, it appears that Day 0 actually lasts longer than 24 hours, though I can't say exactly how much longer. I do know that I was on Day Zero at 7 a.m. on Thursday, and I'm still on Day Zero at 7 a.m. on Friday.


Again, this is not a huge deal. But it does make Evernote look deceitful. And that makes me just a little bit less likely to opt for a paid subscription any time soon.


Caveat emptor!

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Heh.  I have a favourite saying about the monthly limit (usually aimed at those who complain that bad things happen when they exceed it) - "it's a limit,  not a target".  If you find it inconvenient,  it's always possible to increase to 1GB,  or Unlimited at the drop of a credit card.  See https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452 for more.


I haven't seen Evernote mentioning updating the limit as a 'sales' point for the free version,  but the easy way to avoid confusion is to upgrade.  There still some limitations - they're included in the User Guidelines at https://evernote.com/legal/user_guidelines.php and this bit is so relevant it's worth quoting...


You agree that when you use the Service:


You Won’t Use Evernote to Back Up Your Hard Drive or Do Other Things It’s Not Intended For. Evernote is designed and built around a core set of productivity-enhancing use cases. Things like note taking, web clipping, image capture, task management, collaboration and discussion, and sharing documents—the core activities that support the modern way we work together (otherwise known as “Intended Uses”). Evernote is not designed for cloud backup, file synchronization, or file storage/archiving (“Unsupported Uses”). Examples of Unsupported Uses include systematically backing up a hard drive, storing a media library, automatically archiving emails or files, or maintaining large quantities of files for storage-only purposes. Using Evernote for these purposes may result in you and/or other users having a significantly degraded Evernote experience. The quality of your Evernote experience depends on using Evernote for its Intended Uses.

<there's a lot more...>

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You are generally correct. If I don't want to deal with Evernote's apparently purposeful inprecision, I could sign up and pay for a service level that (supposedly) removes that particular issue. 


But, as I noted, it's not really about the free allocation, it's Evernote's apparent indifference to its perceived integrity. For example, Evernote makes a point of saying that my data is my data and always will be my data. But now, I'm guessing that that too could be subject to terms, conditions and potential future whims of the company. Or maybe math.


I love the product and use it daily, so I'm not here to slam the value that I'm getting from the service. I'm just pointing out that Evernote apparently doesn't say what they mean, or do what they say they're going to do. So, I have no choice really but to be skeptical of the company in general. 


It's the sort of dishonesty and I can shrug about and move on. Again, it's a free service, so it's not like I can bring a class action suit -- I haven't been damaged. I'm not the suing type anyway, but if I was paying and Evernote did something similarly non-transparent, then they wouldn't be getting another penny from me.


The only reason I posted about this is because I wanted to make the point that I've noticed the deception, and I'm guessing I'm not alone. Evernote should care about that. Maybe they do, maybe they don't.


But in the end, it's not really my problem.

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Ah, it looks like Evernote has fixed this, or perhaps I've been reading this incorrectly.


I just received my new 30-day allocation, and the countdown ticker is showing 29 days left. So, on that basis, "0 days left" would be the correct 30th day. This seems unnecessarily confusing, but it's not misrepresentation.


So, I retract my complaint.

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