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  1. Same for me. That said, Evernote is, overall, a superior product to OneNote, primarily in the areas of organization (tagging) and analysis (far better ability to use the results of a search for further analysis and drill-down). But Evernote has reneged on its past service terms and it is now escalating that behavior with infringement on basic privacy. I'm happy to sacrifice features when the company providing them proves it can't be trusted.
  2. Look, I understand that this is a free app and that you are in the business of making money. I have no problem with that, but I would remind you that it was Evernote's idea to offer the service for free, for life. It's your rules, not mine. So, I understand your motivation and need to get paying customers. But if I wanted to be a paying customer, I know how to do that. Over the years, you have asked me at various points through the monthly storage limit milestones if I wanted to upgrade. To date, I see no compelling need to do that. Now, with your new interface, you provide an Upgrade button on the toolbar. Again, I have no quarrel with you doing that and making it visible by default. But because it takes up space and, for me, serves no purpose, I wish to remove it permanently in order to have screen real estate available for something more useful to me. And now your software apparently reimposes the Upgrade button on the toolbar automatically. Let me state again that I recognize that you're providing a free app and on that basis you can do whatever the heck you want with how you design it. But also understand this -- you are undermining how I wish to use your product, and every time I look at the stubborn Upgrade button I'm irked that you want to control how I use the product. So, every time I see that Upgrade button, my longstanding positive feelings about Evernote drop a notch. And that erosion will continue until you realize that it's not doing you any good at all.
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