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  1. Same for me. That said, Evernote is, overall, a superior product to OneNote, primarily in the areas of organization (tagging) and analysis (far better ability to use the results of a search for further analysis and drill-down). But Evernote has reneged on its past service terms and it is now escalating that behavior with infringement on basic privacy. I'm happy to sacrifice features when the company providing them proves it can't be trusted.
  2. Look, I understand that this is a free app and that you are in the business of making money. I have no problem with that, but I would remind you that it was Evernote's idea to offer the service for free, for life. It's your rules, not mine. So, I understand your motivation and need to get paying customers. But if I wanted to be a paying customer, I know how to do that. Over the years, you have asked me at various points through the monthly storage limit milestones if I wanted to upgrade. To date, I see no compelling need to do that. Now, with your new interface, you provide an Upgrade button on the toolbar. Again, I have no quarrel with you doing that and making it visible by default. But because it takes up space and, for me, serves no purpose, I wish to remove it permanently in order to have screen real estate available for something more useful to me. And now your software apparently reimposes the Upgrade button on the toolbar automatically. Let me state again that I recognize that you're providing a free app and on that basis you can do whatever the heck you want with how you design it. But also understand this -- you are undermining how I wish to use your product, and every time I look at the stubborn Upgrade button I'm irked that you want to control how I use the product. So, every time I see that Upgrade button, my longstanding positive feelings about Evernote drop a notch. And that erosion will continue until you realize that it's not doing you any good at all.
  3. Ah, it looks like Evernote has fixed this, or perhaps I've been reading this incorrectly. I just received my new 30-day allocation, and the countdown ticker is showing 29 days left. So, on that basis, "0 days left" would be the correct 30th day. This seems unnecessarily confusing, but it's not misrepresentation. So, I retract my complaint.
  4. Gazumped, You are generally correct. If I don't want to deal with Evernote's apparently purposeful inprecision, I could sign up and pay for a service level that (supposedly) removes that particular issue. But, as I noted, it's not really about the free allocation, it's Evernote's apparent indifference to its perceived integrity. For example, Evernote makes a point of saying that my data is my data and always will be my data. But now, I'm guessing that that too could be subject to terms, conditions and potential future whims of the company. Or maybe math. I love the product and use it daily, so I'm not here to slam the value that I'm getting from the service. I'm just pointing out that Evernote apparently doesn't say what they mean, or do what they say they're going to do. So, I have no choice really but to be skeptical of the company in general. It's the sort of dishonesty and I can shrug about and move on. Again, it's a free service, so it's not like I can bring a class action suit -- I haven't been damaged. I'm not the suing type anyway, but if I was paying and Evernote did something similarly non-transparent, then they wouldn't be getting another penny from me. The only reason I posted about this is because I wanted to make the point that I've noticed the deception, and I'm guessing I'm not alone. Evernote should care about that. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. But in the end, it's not really my problem.
  5. Look, I'm not really on solid ground here, complaining about a free product. But it does appear that Evernote is having a difficult time counting to 30. I'm on the free Evernote plan, and with that plan I get 60 MB of storage every 30 days. Except, the way Evernote tracks and controls that 30-day quota looks to be purposely incorrect. In fact, that quota is provided over 32 days, because Evernote counts the first day as Day 30 and the last day as Day 0. Exacerbating this issue, it appears that Day 0 actually lasts longer than 24 hours, though I can't say exactly how much longer. I do know that I was on Day Zero at 7 a.m. on Thursday, and I'm still on Day Zero at 7 a.m. on Friday. Again, this is not a huge deal. But it does make Evernote look deceitful. And that makes me just a little bit less likely to opt for a paid subscription any time soon. Caveat emptor!
  6. These are useless to me, and as a heavy user of tags, their stubborn presence makes entry of tags more difficult than it should be, or for that matter, as it was before this clutter was added. Appreciate any tips on how to nuke or minimize the footprint these unneeded features are taking up.
  7. Thank you very much for this suggestion. It seems to have eliminated the "Not Responding" issue, at least over the past day.
  8. "Not responding" messages are indicative that there's a hardware issue. WRT the Windows client...wow...totally generic descriptions such as "[effed] up abortion" are not only silly but way too generic. Personally, I have no problem with the V5 Windows client & I've been using EN since V3.1 back in 2008. And I'm not even sure what you're talking about when you say the "quality" is in the toilet" Also, issuing an ultimatum "Fix it! And fix it soon. Or OneNote here I come..." is pretty silly. Especially since your complaints are so...generic. Good luck with OneNote. I do use it but use Evernote a whole lot more than I do OneNote. Videosavant replies: I apologize if you were offended by my comments about Evernote. I actually love the program and have been using it for nearly 5 years (going back to the ill-fated Palm Pre smartphone). I have more than 7,000 notes stored in Evernote, with extensive use of tags. Everything has been great until the past year or so. About 8 months ago I received an EN software update that refused to install repeatedly, despite several suggested corrective actions here on the forum. In the end I was stuck with an outdated version of Evernote for about 3 months, until I finally bit the bullet and nuked my Windows install and started fresh. At least that problem has not been repeated, but I do worry about it every time I see an Evernote software update notification. Your suggestion that the "not responding" errors were hardware related appears to be off the mark. The suggestion further down in the thread to expose the debug menu and clean up the database does seem to have done the trick. But again, I have to wonder, why isn't a database clean-up something that happens in the background automatically if this is a known issue? At the very least, EN could work in some algorithms to suggest when a database clean-up might be useful and some instructions or a step-through wizard showing how to perform that operation. I stand by my comments that I think Evernote Windows software has been unreliable over the past year. The decline in quality appears to have coincided with the expansion of Evernote's focus to the Hello and Food products, which I personally find a bit contrived, even though customer contact management and cooking are important activities for me. I would assume that Evernote Business has also been a distraction, though it seems clear that this is a potentially useful and lucrative product that Evernote should be pursuing. I am an sole proprietor/one-man shop, so EN Business doesn't have any appeal to me, though I would be using it if I were back in a corporate environment. But the bottom line is that Evernote is a program that I use everyday and have come to rely on. So, that's why I've been frustrated with the hit-and-miss performance of Evernote recently. Expecting high standards from a company that regularly proclaims its high standards doesn't seem an unreasonable expectation.
  9. The past 6 months with the Evernote Windows client has been painful. I have been getting repeated "Not Responding" messages and I sit there in front of the screen waiting two, three, as much as five minutes for Evernote to resume normal functioning. So, today I download the newest update and now I'm getting runtime error crashes. I love Evernote (I also use it on Android) but the Windows client is an utter [moderated for language]. As Evernote gets bigger and more popular, the quality is in the toilet. Fix it! And fix it soon. Or OneNote here I come...
  10. I like the overall look, but functionally for me it is a bit of a step backward. I use tags liberally, and there is precious little space to view or add tags (I never have liked the dialog box method once you run out of toolbar space). I was initially pleased to see that at least I could modify/customize the toolbar and get rid of some of the default tools. But whenever I customize that area of the toolbar it holds for a while but then I'll start reviewing a note for tags and see that the tool icons I removed have returned. What's up with that? Also, I cannot believe you have a search bar that takes up 50% of the width of the app display area? You don't need to enter the first paragraph of an article to find what the note you're looking for. I can't believe what an obvious design flaw this is. Open up that space for other use (tool icons or more tags) and make the search bar automatically shrink so that additional tools can be added there. Close, sort of. Definitely no cigar.
  11. This is really pathetic. I have tried a half dozen of the suggested fixes, with no luck. I love Evernote, but the way this issue is being handled is unacceptable. It appears that whatever is causing this problem is also preventing me from accessing my notes in Ever2One converter. Convenient, no?
  12. +1 Same problem. Stock Android on a Google Nexus 7. Everything worked fine until the latest updates to Android (4.2.1) and Evernote (4.4.1).
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