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Easier tagging when creating a note


Evernote Team,


It would be really helpful if, while tagging a new note in the Evernote iPhone app, the list of tags were in alphabetical order and the blank tagging line searched for tags as they were typed in.


When I'm scrolling through my list of tags I'm always worried I'm going to miss what I'm looking for, because they aren't in alphabetical order - I think they are in "most recent," correct?


Also, when I'm typing a tag in the blank area there's no indication whether or not the tag already exists. It would be really great if there were "predicted tags" as I fill it in, so I don't duplicate or make singular or plural tags that should be merged.



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I may be missing something, but isn't this what EN does today?  When I add a tag to a note [Press the Information icon, press Add Tag] as soon as I start typing characters the tags that begin with the letters appear, in alphabetical order.  Not so on your iPhone?

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