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Unrequested Change of email address



Just received a suspicious email:


 We received a request to change your Evernote email address. Click the button below to verify your new email address and confirm this change.



This link will work for 10 hours.

If you are unable to verify your email address by clicking on the button above, click the link below or copy and paste it into the address bar of your web browser.

https://www.evernote.com/EmailVerification.action?username=... &email_name=verifyChangeEmailAddress&email_guid= ... &email_link=verify 

If you did not request this change, please contact our support team.

- The Evernote team


I did not request this change but there was no link available on the support page to which I was directed. Suggested next steps please!

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First - change your Evernote password if you haven't done so recently.


Then.  These sorts of request happen occasionally by accident - people do typo their email addresses,  then copy and paste the confirmation to be lazy without realising they're not using their own correct address.  Sometimes the mistypes are actually someone else's address.


Evernote quite properly take this seriously however and gave you a link so you can report it;  here's a more direct path:


Choose "login/account access issue" in the first dropdown after logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action - or reach out on Twitter @Evernotehelps (include the forum thread URL for extra background)


Premium / Business users also have access to a Chat option (7am-7pm PST weekdays) - click 'continue' on the support page after logging in.


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Hi gazumped,

Thank you for your prompt, detailed and helpful reply.

I understand now that it may simply have been a typo rather than a malicious action.

Nevertheless, as per your advice, I have changed my password and logged the incident at Support.

Every blessing,


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