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I am experiencing a minor problem, a very minor problem.  Nevertheless, it's beginning to bug me.  Over a number of months I have set up a goodly number of tags to enable quick research.  For the most part, everything is fine and dandy.  


But a few tags I've created on my laptop does not appear in either the Evernote Website or my Samsung Tablet.  Everything else does.  No other problems.  I'm sure I've done something wrong, and I would appreciate any advice.  Thanks in advance.

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Not likely you did anything wrong.  I have had instances in the past where tag(s) did not sync.  Some things to try:

  1. Simplest thing, add a note on the web and add the missing tags to it.  Then sync your laptop.  Then back to the web to see if the other notes now appear with the right counts.
  2. If this doesn't work, go to the web and add a new temporary tag to a temporary note.  Go to your laptop find all the notes with the missing tag and add the new tag to them.  Back to the web see if you have an equal count of missing tag and new tag.  If you do, you can delete new tag.  If not delete missing tag on the laptop, sync, and then rename new tag to missing tag.

Basically you are finding all of the notes with the missing tag on the laptop, adding a tag to them that exists on the web, and cleaning up.  That should do it.  Hope it makes sense, and works for you.

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