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Single Note Sharing

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Premium user here.  Just wanted to confirm that for collaboration purposes you cannot edit a shared individual note for all parties to see and change (like a meeting agenda, to do list or roster etc)  unless the note is located in a shared notebook?


If this is the case its a bit of a pain to create a notebook for single note sharing when you need both parties to edit and see changes.



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Obviously I don't know your exact use case,  but have you tried using Work Chat?

Yes, When someone else shares through work chat you can recieve the note and copy it to a notebook.  But you cannot then edit for the other party to see an updated information.  And vis versa the other party can not change the orginal and changes for automatic sharing.  He would have to smart chat the updated note from what i can work out.

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Evernote sharing still has a long ways to go, IMO, to be a even a good collaboration tool.


You can do a google search on "collaboration apps" to find lots of good choices but here are some:

  • Google Apps/Docs -- great for real-time editing of the same document
  • Dropbox
    • Allow you to share (with specific permissions) at both the folder and file level
    • Provides version management (so you can go back to a prior version if you don't like changes by someone)
    • Combine with MS Word Change Control, and you can see/approve everyone's proposed changes BEFORE they are applied to the master document.

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