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You can right click on the PDF in Evernote, then open it with Preview. Preview will let you shuffle around, rotate, delete, and modify pages, etc. The cool part, is that when you save the PDF, Evernote will automatically pick up the new version and update the note.

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Preview meaning the Mac "Preview" application on your computer. If you right-click on a PDF within Evernote, you can open it in the Preview application, edit the PDF, and then Save it to commit the changes back into Evernote.

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I created a folder, Export to Evernote later. I scan to this folder and do any maint. to files needed. PDF's I open and look at each page and rotate or delete pages as needed. Jpeg's I rotate as needed. And then I have another file Export to Evernote now. I just select all files in "later" file and drag them to the "now" file. The "now" file is set up as an "import folder" in Evernote. Now they are added after I have done the maint to the files. This also helps prevent any files being uploaded by mistake. I use a scansnap scanner.

One tip

I have another folder called Evernote files and I drag and drop the files from "now" to this file occasionally. The reason being is because for some unxplained reason, I had files being imported twice from the now file. To solve this problem, I keep the now file empty as much as possible. This also allows me to track what I have uploaded to Evernote.

I know it is a 3 step process, but it prevents a lot of errors. You get used to it and it is no problem.

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