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save word document in evernote

Caroline B

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Hi.  If you have an existing Word document,  drag and drop it into a new note or (in Evernote) click the paperclip on a note and browse to find the file.  There's no button in the Word app itself,  but you can move word files into the app like any other file,  then open them directly from the note and save them directly back to keep that file up to date.  In Windows you can also create an Import Folder - Evernote > Tools > Import Folder.  If you move your Word file into that folder it will be sucked into a new Evernote note.

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Caroline B - gazumped is right on. - - - Also, note, if you are using the Windows version of Evernote, bear in mind that when you add a Word document (or any other document, for that matter), Evernote creates a copy of the file, places it in a near-hidden folder, and that it the one Evernote will open if you want to change it. However, if you start up Word, open your original document, and make changes, those changes won't appear in the Word document in Evernote. This could be very confusing and disconcerting the first time it happens to you. - - - This may be true for other versions of Evernote.

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