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Well i have been using evernote for a week now and am addicted.


I mainly use it on my Iphone & Ipad and noticed the ability to add calender dates to (Ical? Apple calender) 


But when at PC (Windows 7) is there anyway I can also use the (app/software) to sync to the calender on my ipad/phone?



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I'm interested in how the calendar / evernote integration works on your iPhone. I use an Android and EN on desktop - Windows at work and Mac at home. I've been using EN for a few years now, but I've never noticed any calendar integration. I know you can set reminders for notes, and you'll get an email on the day that note is due, but that's all the calendaring-type functionality there is as far as I'm aware.


Do you mean notes with a reminder date then show up in your calendar? Or are you adding calendar entries to EN?



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I have seen some 3rd party apps that provide some calendar integration between Evernote and selected calendars.


For me, Outlook is my primary calendar, and everything of any importance gets entered there.  This is essential to me:  I want to have one, and only one, place/calendar to look at to see all of my events.  And Outlook has recurring events, which EN does not.  I use Exchange Server as the backend for Outlook, which syncs perfectly with my iPhone.  I can make a calendar change in Outlook on my Mac, and it shows up on my iPhone Calendar within a minute or two.


So, what I have done is to enter a link to my EN Note in the calendar entry, if I have supporting info in Evernote.


Yes, it's manual, but not that hard once you have things setup.  I have an AppleScript with a shortcut key that gets a link to the En Note and uses the Note Title as the "name" part of the HTML link.  I can then easily paste this into Outlook Calendar and Contacts (any anywhere else).


This works well for me.  YMMV.


I haven't tried it, but I would think that this would work with other calendars, like Google Calendar.

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Sorry it's Events that it sets up

EN sees a date 21 June 2016 and it turns to a link which I can then input as an event and then it shows on the ICal (Apple Callander) and syncs to my iPhone/iPad.

Still working on the calendar for windows but might see about Sunrise calendar as that's multi functional for every OS

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Ah ok gotcha. Maybe that's built-in functionality on the iPhone where it can create an event from a date?


I'm a google calendar fan myself, and sometimes use the technique described by Michael to link EN information to a calendar entry.

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