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Business card help (Windows, double sided, Linkedin)


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I have Evernote Premium and wanted to try out the business card features. I am at a work related conference and so far, it is not working as well as I'd like. I have an Android phone and Evernote for Windows, version I hope someone can help with that.


I collect business cards and make handwritten notes on the back side about the person. When I tried scanning them with my Android, I saw how it extracts out the information. It is too hard to add notes via an Android (my handwritten notes). In the Windows version, the note was locked and I couldn't manually add the information there.


I also tried scanning the back side of the card and merging it. While it looked OK on the Windows screen, on the Android app, the image of the backside is on top of the the image of the front side. 


Any ways to fix this?


What I had done in the past, prior to Premium, is I used my ScanSnap to scan each card double sided, as a JPG, and then just merged each person's front side and back side.


Also, I thought that when you add a contact, it will try to connect with them on Linkedin. How do I do that?

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Hi,  I use the business card scanner in similar circumstances and it works fine for me,  including checking each card against LinkedIn - but while I keep extra notes about meetings and discussions I don't keep them in the same note.  All the instances of "John Smith" (example) are easy enough to find with a quick search.  I don't merge notes with cards - it seems extra work for no added convenience.  I used to use a Scansnap like you,  but since the business card lookup facility came along it's much more useful to use the Android phone - and I don't forget to connect on LinkedIn so much either.  On your Android look at Settings > Camera > Business Cards for the LinkedIn connection.

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Thank for your reply. I did find the Linkedin setting on my phone, but in a different place. I have a Droid Maxx. In Evernote, when I add a picture, there is a "...." at the top of the screen, and clicking on it has a gear, which then has the option to sign into Linkedin from Evernote. I wasn't signed in which is why the option wasn't coming up, but after that it was.


You made some good points about putting the details about a contact in a different card than the contact, because when you search the name, one will find both. So I'll consider that as a workaround on this. I may then have to type in information about them, rather than scanning the back of the card, but that may be better long term. I say that because at this conference, many people have business cards with surfaces where pen notes smear, or their backside is too dark to mark up.

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I came back from the conference and started scanning cards. I DID find a notes field that is editable in the desktop version. So that is great. LinkedIn worked for most; a few it is not, perhaps because their email address on Linkedin is not the same as their card. Wish I could manually link them, but it is not a huge loss.

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