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evernote desktop opens under everything else


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So....when I click the icon in the tray, I do it because I want to open evernote. When I do that now, for some reason, it opens underneath all of my other windows forcing me to click in the taskbar to actually see it. Also, it doesn't remember to open maximized. It opens in some silly partial window about 1000 pixels wide and maybe 700 pixels tall (my display is 2560x1440). So each time I use it, I have to click the tray, click the taskbar, then click the maximize button. A serious pain but I can't find any setting to change that behavior. 


I'm running win 8.1 Pro on a fujitsu T904 convertible tablet PC and Evernote (275674 Pre Release)

I know....pre-release can be prone to bugs but it's been doing this a while and I was actually hoping the new version might fix it. lol


Any ideas? Preferably something simple that I foolishly overlooked? 



Oh...while I'm here.... any chance evernote will be listening to all of the feedback and adding back in some actual color and contrast any time soon? I just installed Office 2013 and they went the same ugly, low-contrast route and I'm just about sick of gray text on light gray, medium gray, and white with the occasional tinted color added to the gray.  Buttons would be nice too - with nice, defined edges so I can see out of the corner of my eye "third button to the left" and click without having to actually read the text or decipher the grey on grey icon. (wait, I think the background now is a light blue-gray instead). Finally, I think the scroll bars have become too thin. I understand the need to save space, but I also need something to grab onto. With screen resolutions going up and scroll bars getting narrower, it's gotten to the point where often I have only about 1/8 inch of area on the screen to scroll on so I have to carefully mouse over to it which slows me down as well. 

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Hi.  The window placement should be 'sticky',  so put the window where you'd like it,  then File > Exit Evernote.  When you restart,  it should behave.


As to colour and contrast,  Evernote seem set on following everyone else's design choices - I wouldn't hold out much hope for immediate changes...

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