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"Funky" scrolling in the desktop Evernote on high resolution

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Let me try to explain my problem...

It's not the problem in actual scrolling, but in the way it scrolls. When I am (my cursor is) in the left-most section, with the shortcuts, notebooks, tags, and everything, and I scroll using my touch-pad, it scrolls that section. When I move to the notes section, with the list of notes, it scrolls the left-most section again, and not through the notes list! And the most annoying part, when I try to scroll trough the note itself, it scrolls the notes list...
The only way it seems to scroll through the note is if I place the cursor on the scroll-bar, and then scroll. Which is really inconvenient, to me at least.

I ran a little experiment, and realized that is a problem with the resolution. I have QHD with 1800p, if I lower the resolution even a little, than the scrolling is fine. But everything becomes distorted, so to speak, since "the optimal resolution is 3200x1800", according to the little bubble Windows gave me.

Does this classify as a bug? And is there a way to fix it?


P.S. If it matters, I am running Windows 8.1, and currently the latest beta version ( of Evernote.

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Does this classify as a bug?

No. The control that currently has focus gets the scroll messages.

Another example, open windows explorer, navigate to a folder with a bunch of files and make sure the folders are visible on the left (and expanded enough so there's a scroll bar). Scroll. Move mouse over non-focused pane, scroll. You'll see that behaves in the same way.

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You'll see that behaves in the same way.


Actually, it doesn't behave like same way. When I select one of the folders in the left pane, move the cursor to the folder view and scroll using the touch-pad, it scrolls through the folder, and not the left pane. When I move the cursor to the left pane, it scrolls the left pane, not the folder view.

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