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  1. Actually, it doesn't behave like same way. When I select one of the folders in the left pane, move the cursor to the folder view and scroll using the touch-pad, it scrolls through the folder, and not the left pane. When I move the cursor to the left pane, it scrolls the left pane, not the folder view.
  2. Hello! Let me try to explain my problem... It's not the problem in actual scrolling, but in the way it scrolls. When I am (my cursor is) in the left-most section, with the shortcuts, notebooks, tags, and everything, and I scroll using my touch-pad, it scrolls that section. When I move to the notes section, with the list of notes, it scrolls the left-most section again, and not through the notes list! And the most annoying part, when I try to scroll trough the note itself, it scrolls the notes list... The only way it seems to scroll through the note is if I place the cursor on the scroll-bar,
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