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How to move offline notebooks data to SD card in Android?

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Hi.  AFAIK that's not possible in the current versions of Android and Evernote.  You can move Evernote to the 'SD card' in Android > Settings > Application Manager,  but that may be to the emulated internal SD card / USB storage rather than an external card,  but using - and definitely updating- Evernote is often problematic after such a move.  YMMV.


These are (I'm told) Android (and/ or phone manufacturer) rather than Evernote restrictions.  Various 'fixes' have been suggested for moving some or all of Evernote to an SD card,  but so far they haven't  worked.  The latest contender is here - http://digialtipsntricks.blogspot.com/2014/09/how-to-install-and-move-android-apps-to.html though I haven't yet gotten around to testing or trying it out,  so if you do so,  it is entirely at your own risk of life,  limb and a seriously bricked device.


I'd suggest an in-depth conversation with your 'phone tech support before you go further.  If / when you sort something out,  please let us know the details here!

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