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  1. I use Skitch to create a note When the note sync to evernote, the note title will be "screenshot". I try to use Evernote note to edit the title, but it does not allow to edit. I need to use the web base evernote to do the modification. Please help OS: Win7 Thanks
  2. I want to move the offline notebooks data to SD card so that I can have more space in my phone. How to do that? Thanks
  3. I have a personal evernote account and a work account. I only use the personal account at home and only use the work account at office. There are a few notes that I want to transfer between those two accounts. How I can do that? thanks
  4. I put everything in my evernote from work information to job search information. I don't want my jobsearch notebook will be shown at office. How I can make the jobsearch note NOT going to be shown during serach? Thanks
  5. I am many big file pictures in my Evernote. I use desktop version at home without any problem. Now I am working on my office notebook, I use Chrome with web version Evernote. Evernote keeps crashing. I need to search but I have been stopped at my 1st note (most recent). Does anyway that I can stop evernote to load pictures/file. Or any other suggestion? Thanks
  6. I want to create some tags that will ONLY show in the all tags area when a NOTEBOOK is click In other words, I will be able see the tag only if I see the notebook The other thing is whether I can hide the notes from a notebook in the ALL note selection? Thanks
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