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Auto embed links?


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I believe it used to be a thing, that pasting something that started with http would auto-embed the link.

(And if I didn't want the link auto-embedded I could just Ctrl-Shift-V to paste as text.)


Is this no longer a thing?

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Windows 7-64 SP1 with Evernote


And you're right it does appear as though most public addresses auto-embed now that I'm trying it.  I'm attempting to narrow it down to more specifics but it appears as though I can recreate the non-embed paste by using any HTTP URL from our (non-public) intranet.  (Using HTTPS for intranet addresses and auto-embed does work.)

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Ah, maybe the regular expression or whatever decides whether something should have an auto-link, doesn't just look for http up front anymore but also .com or .org etc.

(Our Intranet address resolves without the need for .* at the end.)

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