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  1. Ah, maybe the regular expression or whatever decides whether something should have an auto-link, doesn't just look for http up front anymore but also .com or .org etc. (Our Intranet address resolves without the need for .* at the end.)
  2. Windows 7-64 SP1 with Evernote And you're right it does appear as though most public addresses auto-embed now that I'm trying it. I'm attempting to narrow it down to more specifics but it appears as though I can recreate the non-embed paste by using any HTTP URL from our (non-public) intranet. (Using HTTPS for intranet addresses and auto-embed does work.)
  3. I believe it used to be a thing, that pasting something that started with http would auto-embed the link. (And if I didn't want the link auto-embedded I could just Ctrl-Shift-V to paste as text.) Is this no longer a thing?
  4. Yay! Encrypted text doesn't close on its own anymore, so find encrypted text in note works again. And no more extra line-feeds before/after copy/paste. Huzzah.
  5. Dunno if this space is meant for positive feedback or not but... The way the horizontal rule goes in now automatically adds a space (where it didn't before) where you were, and sets you up to start editing in the new space in the note after the inserted rule. Huzzah.
  6. Still a no-go for me in Evernote but thanks for the tip in general. I love learning new keyboard shortcuts!
  7. Good to know. After hearing it's ok for you I tried other things like switching fonts and that appears to make a difference. With Arial no problem, with something like the Ubuntu font I get the extra line-feeds before and after. Actually the above does not appear to be entirely true. Here's what I'm able to recreate: It looks like what's actually happening is that if the Note Editor Font (as set in Tools > Options > Note) matches the font in my note the extra line feeds before and after appear during copy/paste to Notepad++ for example. If I change the font in the note manually to anything other than the default note font copy/paste works as expected! A strange bug.
  8. Does not work for me either. I'm on (275193) Public and Win7-64 SP1. (I'm having other editor weirdness it might be related to like extra line-feeds before and after copy/pasted text.) One workaround is to use Ctrl-arrow to move between words. Add a Shift in there to select. And then do your delete. (So to delete to the previous word-boundary: Ctrl-Shift-LeftArrow. Delete.
  9. Good to know. After hearing it's ok for you I tried other things like switching fonts and that appears to make a difference. With Arial no problem, with something like the Ubuntu font I get the extra line-feeds before and after.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Back on topic, I've noticed the extra line-feed/carriage-return happening in copy/paste now in all Notes in 5.8.5-GA (not just in encrypted text like I previously noted). I'm not sure what changed if anything. It could be that I was on a home machine vs. a work machine but they're both Win7-64 so that's weird. (And this would affect anyone trying to paste into a field of any sort I'd imagine.)
  11. Hi folks, I'm new to this. Is 5.8.5 Beta older or newer than 5.8.5 Generally Available? I.e. what's the latest most dangerous thing to be on?
  12. Do you know of something that's accessible everywhere? I've also tried an encrypted text file in Dropbox. That solution has the advantage of being able to be searched with Regular Expressions. (Or searched at all for that matter... at this point the Evernote Android client has no search at all and the Windows client has a "Find text in Note" but it's busted as of this GA release.) I wouldn't mind switching to a dedicated password manager if anyone can suggest a good one that's accessible everywhere like Evernote or Dropbox are (Sorry, this is off topic!)
  13. Hi folks— Copy/paste from encrypted text appears to insert a newline/carriage-return before and after. One use-case of how this might mess things up is if using encrypted text for login/password for websites. It will produce incorrect username or password errors.
  14. For sure, but I just want to see the list of existing tags in the current Notebook while I'm note-creating so I know what to tag my current note! :-) This is getting off-topic but so you know a better way (only current way that I know of) to do that is to click the little tag button next to the Notebook drop-down you mentioned. It takes a couple tries but eventually it shows a filtered list of Tags by current Notebook. Back on topic: I did download the current pre-release and the shortcut toolbar is back. Huzzah.
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