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[REQUEST] Offline content to the External SDCard





I am a Evernote Premium user. As a physician, I use it every day on my Android Phone. I love having my notes "offline" so I can read them instantly, but I feel sorry that I can't store them in my 128Gb SDCard.


So, here is my request: Giving the option to store them at the External SdCard. Shouldn't be too hard, no?


Thank you!

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Hi.  This is a topic which has been raised before - some levels of Android OS seem to have controls built in which restrict access to storage other than internal memory.  There are suggestions that these restrictions may be relaxed in future versions,  but it hasn't happened yet.  Until it does,  storing notes on SD cards might be harder than it should be...

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+1 for this request!

Google's restrictions re: manipulating external storage are very frustrating. If they make such a functionality impossible then we can only hope they're changed in the future. If they merely make it difficult, (or if it's Evernote's choice - the KB article mentions "security reasons") then I'd still like to push EN for an update to the app.

As a side note, the French version of the KB page taunts me by happily trilling about SD storage, so it must be out of date: https://evernote.com/intl/fr/contact/support/kb/#/article/23168602

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..And just to be doubly confusing when that French KB item talks about storing data on the SD card it actually means (AFAIK) the 'emulated' SD space that used to be called USB storage and which all us dumb users still consider to be part of the phone's advertised XXGB size.  I super-agree with you that SD storage would be great - I bought a huge SD card for my 32GB phone with the express intention of storing my full database there.  Sadly the card remains 99% empty (even with all the music,  books and films I loaded there) because I haven't yet found a way to move the database there.

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This article https://www.nowsecure.com/blog/2014/07/23/evernote-vulnerabilities-all-your-notes-belong-to-me/ suggests that it is indeed a security issue. Evernote data on the SD card wasn't encrypted and was therefore accessible to untrusted applications. Rather than work on encryption, EN seems to have pulled SD storage altogether on the basis that "the Android platform has matured and the amount of internal storage capacity in phones has increased, reducing the forcing factors that caused us to need to use the SD card in the first place".

Well I for one beg to differ. Evernote alone currently occupies over 2GB on both of my 16GB devices. It also seems to me that an app aiming to be a ubiquitous workspace for all our stuff could only benefit from offering encryption for sensitive data and fewer limitations on how much of it we have.

When I asked EN support about SD storage a few months ago, they told me there were no current plans to bring it back. I would like this to change.

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