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Calender view?

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I am interested in seeing a calender view.  An example is at a glance you can see how many notes were added on a day or a date could be scheduled so a not pops up on the right day.  Would serve as a sort of agenda but also an easily understood visual. 

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I found an add-app that does what I want, but it appears it hasn't had any attention since 2013, so I am a bit leery of spending $20 on it if it fails to keep up with EN updates.  

Since EN has already added the ability to make dated reminders, any chance they might add a calender view similar to what is shown in this add-in?



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For your first point, you can use Evernote's search to see notes created/edited on certain dates. For a calendar view, you can set Reminders on notes so you'll get a notification on the day its due, as well as use something like Sunrise Calendar to show your Evernote Reminders on a calendar. I use it daily, on Mac, PC, and iOS.



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