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  1. I am reinstalling for the third time today. I have a relatively new laptop and my Evernote install worked about a month before it wouldn't open when I clicked on the icon. I removed and reinstalled and it worked only a few days before I got the same issue. I have been using web access but after years of using EN as part of my daily work-flow this is very disturbing. Any suggestions? When I tried using "help" in the web version to open a case, I get a 502 server error.
  2. Mine is definitely not pasting as any sort of table, hence the lack of upgrade table. I will try uninstalling and reinstalling the program.
  3. Not working for me... I get no columns, just a list. Upgrade table not a choice as I presume it won't paste as a table? I tried to screen shot that, but the right click box goes away if I try.
  4. Sorry, could you step by step the procedure for that. I have my spreadsheet and I copy it (it is 5x20 ) then paste it...where ? In the first cell on a table also 5x20? When I paste it into a table all the info goes into that cell, just like it was if I paste it onto the page by itself, just in a single cell. I see no right click Update table choice, only add rows, etc.
  5. I know I used to be able to copy/paste a spreadsheet into a note. I did it all the time when organizing past projects. Today when I tried to add one, it isn't going. I get the text in one big list with spaces or I get nothing when I tried copying to a document, then pasting. I would assume a recent upgrade is the issue. Any suggestions? I was using Libreoffice. Also I tried just dragging the document into the program and that didn't do anything either. I seem to recall it was possible, but since I would see little useful information, just a link, I did not use it often.
  6. I am finding it very annoying that Evernote for windows seems to try and sync as soon as I "wake it up" by trying to edit a note, add a new note or search when I haven't used it for a while. I get the "evernote not responding" windows 10 error showing in the window while it syncs. While it syncs I have to wait, seconds ticking away and me possibly forgetting exactly what I wanted to do and getting distracted by another activity or window that is actually letting me work. It is the latest update There either needs to be a sync automatically at X time or at least don't sync for the first 5 minutes of trying to edit a note.
  7. After a little more searching I see it is in the simplified article choice, but that it has no mention of highlighting, it is just "there" is very unintuitive. I bet many people don't know it exists.
  8. Dear Evernote, I miss Clearly's highlighting while you are reading a web page so much. It saved me so much time being able to basically make notes the first time I read a page, rather than after I have read it and found it to be "Evernoteworthy". Especially helpful when wanting to highlight helpful comments that are found underneath hidden in the muck of the rest. I lost it in my Win 10 upgrade and it pains me daily. Please bring that ability to web clipper.
  9. I don't even see the vertical scroll bar in mine, it is pretty frustrating and seems like it should be an easy fix.
  10. I too am having this problem on a new Win 10 computer. I don't see a setting in options to change anything, I believe I have the latest build.
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