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Ipad/iPhone sync bug

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I am an Evernote Premium user. I use Evernote on iPhone, iPad, and iMac daily.

Lately I've been doing spring cleaning, and for some reason my Evernote inbox in iPhone and iPad will not get to 100% synced. Now I have 38 notes in one and 41 on the other. Some notes I created in iPhone won't show up in iPad. I deleted Evernote on the iPad and reinstalled a few days ago. I have restarted both devices, closed and reopened apps. Still no luck.

I can't trust Evernote if I don't see all my notes everywhere. Someone pls help!!!!


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Visit the web interface, verify that all the desired content is there. If so, then try logging out and back into the devices that don't seem to be syncing properly. As long as your content is visible in the web, you should be a-ok since the web is the "golden truth". 

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That's about the extent o my troubleshooting for that that issue. Perhaps someone else has some additional advice! Might be worth looking to see which notes are fiailing to appear on your iPad and whether there's something about those notes, specifically, that are preventing the sync. Activity logs might give insight too, they can be accessed from the applications Settings>support>activity log. They aren;t always easy to parse but usually you can spot something suspicious, if it is there. 

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