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  1. Thanks! I tried that. Here is how many items are in my inbox. Evernote Web - 46 Desktop Client - 46 iPhone - 46iPad - 44 I logged in and out of everything. Any advice?
  2. I am an Evernote Premium user. I use Evernote on iPhone, iPad, and iMac daily. Lately I've been doing spring cleaning, and for some reason my Evernote inbox in iPhone and iPad will not get to 100% synced. Now I have 38 notes in one and 41 on the other. Some notes I created in iPhone won't show up in iPad. I deleted Evernote on the iPad and reinstalled a few days ago. I have restarted both devices, closed and reopened apps. Still no luck. I can't trust Evernote if I don't see all my notes everywhere. Someone pls help!!!! Thanks!
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