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Keyboard Maestro (KM) Macro for EN Mac Global Search



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Keyboard Maestro (KM) Macro for EN Mac Global Search


This macro solves the issue of incremental search.

  • The EN Mac Search box uses incremental search, that executes a Search for every character you type.
  • This most often results in a faulty search and delays the execution of the users intended search.
  • This KM macro avoids the EN incremental search by getting the entire User input for the Search Terms and then pasting into the EN Mac Search box.
  • It can be executed by a single shortcut key from any app, anywhere in the Mac OS.
  • It provides the additional benefit of providing a default value for the Search text of "intitle:" to make searching for a word in the Note Title very easy just by pressing the Right-Arrow key and typing in the keyword to be searched for in the Note Title.
    • If you don't want "intitle:", just start typing and it replaces it.
    • You can easily modify the default Search text to suit your needs.
  • It also makes it easy to change Search context between "Everything" and the currently selected Notebook filter (if any)
    • If, prior to the Search, you had established a Notebook filter, then EN will show the Search Context in a dropdown after the macro completes.
    • You can then click on either "Everything" or the Notebook name to set the context.
Please reply with any questions, issues, corrections, suggestions, or comments that you have about this macro.

If you're using a Mac, Keyboard Maestro is a great tool for this task, and many others.

I highly recommend it.  KM is available here for a 20% discount.

KM offers a free, fully-functional trial version for 30 days, that comes with great support.

I have posted a few KM macros I have developed.


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