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My Samsung native memory is full, and Evernotes cannot work anymore, complaining for the lack of memory when trying to make a new note.


How can I make it use the SD (not sim) card?

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Hi.  I'm afraid Evernote is limited by the Android OS - because it's saving data rather than music or video it can't currently be installed on SD card memory (the SIM card is just for phone network use).  I'm not sure whether we're waiting on Evernote or Android to catch up,  but the plain fact is it don't currently work.  So:  you can switch other apps to the SD card,  or delete anything you're not using to free up some storage space.  If you have some or all your Evernote notes set as 'offline searchable',  consider cancelling the current setting and choose a single small notebook that you can move notes into and out of for your offline searchable notes.


Your notes aren't stored permanently on the phone once they've synced with Evernote's servers unless you set one or more notebooks to offline searchable.  If you're running out of space it really does mean that your phone is pretty full!

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Oops, yes,  I meant SD card, not sim card.


Thanks for that complete answer, I'll see if I can move something else to the SD card.

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