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Windows client not synching over Tor


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Hello guys. Unfortunately another post about Evernote and proxy.


Evernote is blocked on my network. I managed to install Tor on my PC. It's not basic Tor Browser, I configured its torcc directly and use Vidalia to manage it. I also installed and configured Priproxy for a few apps that don't work with SOCKS and require HTTP proxy.


With that structure done, I configured my own Firefox instance profile and it works over Tor (https://check.torproject.org). I also configured IE for SOCKS and HTTP proxies and it works. I'm able to open Evernote Web client on FireFox.


But Evernote Windows client isn't working. It says there is a "unexpected problem server side".


Of course Evernote doesn't have its own proxy client. We must rely on Windows's built-in, that's configured inside IE. But if IE works, why isn't Evernote? And if Evernote has no proxy configuration, what can I do now?

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Hi.  Too many third party products involved here for my simple brain - if it's important to you to get this done -or at least investigate all the options- I'd suggest you upgrade to premium for a month or two at least and submit a support request by choosing the appropriate option in the first dropdown after logging in here> https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action


Premium / Business users also have access to a Chat option (7am-7pm PST weekdays) - click 'continue' on the support page after logging in.
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lol ok I'm gonna try to simplify.


I use Tor to tunnel my access out of local network and access Evernote servers. Priproxy isn't relevant, I just mentioned it's installed.


IE is configured and working. Evernote uses IE's proxy settings. So, if IE works, why isn't Evernote?


I don't think Evernote officially supports Tor and their employees would provide me support to work on it. If the company would, they'd have already implemented a proper proxy client, as Dropbox does. We're on our own regarding proxy.

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I got the science bit,  and I agree it's odd that although IE works,  EN won't.  


All I got though is a part-quote from someone in Evernote after a previous query about proxy settings - "There are no proxy settings in Evernote,  and it may cause problems if you try to connect through one".  You have admire the understatement...

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Odd... would Evernote servers be blocking Tor users? There are some services that do that. But if Evernote is, why are they doing it only for client accesses and not for web?


It makes me angry how some services are stuborn. YNAB also, when asked about encryption and security, says that its lack is design intended to priorize usability.


Anyway let's keep the thread open and hope somebody can help.

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