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  1. Evernote Web Clipper 6.2.0 is also not working for me. Nothing I try (close, open new tab, send clip to desktop or web) works. Dialog says Clipping and never finishes. It's very sad how Evernote quality has been going down last year. They ignore us on requests for a internal proxy with SOCKS5 support. Web Clipper stops working with later versions of FireFox and it's been months with no fix. But popups asking to pay for Evernote are more and more frequent.
  2. Still no independent proxy, it's a shame that Evernote neglects this feature for so long. Why will I pay for a service that I can't use everywhere?
  3. It's been working great for these few days. For any big text I wanna be reminded, I add it to Evernote with a reminder, and it's moved to GCalender. And for any scheduled task I add to GCalendar, inclusive recurring ones that require repeated reminders. They are all set and organized on GCalendar and copied to EN. I also installed Business Calendar on my Android. It syncs with GCalendar and I can edit it from my phone. It has a widget that shows first 3 tasks from today or tomorrow. If there's no task soon, it remains empty not bloating me with stuff I still can't act on. That's great. Because if I always have tasks listed, I may not notice when they are close to happen. In the way it works, I know that if something shows up it's because it's close and need attention.
  4. I think I solved it. I have 5 notebooks, but in Web UI there was only 1. I created "new" notebooks in it with same names from Windows client, and all of a sudden all notes were there. They weren't showing in tags either, now they are too. Looks like a note can't "live" "outside" a notebook. There was some software failure when I created these notebooks, they weren't synched with server. Notes were, but without a (or with an inconsistent) notebook, they were completely hid. I think now it will work
  5. I found it! Zapier does the trick nicely! With 1 zap I can copy a EN note reminder to Google Calendar as soon as the note is synced with EN server. And with another zap I can copy a GCalendar event to EN as a note reminder... and it only happens when it gets to 1 day before the event's begin date! I have more tests to do but it looks great!!
  6. Indeed, there are notes that aren't being shared. The ones that are I can change their content and it is synced. But I just created a note with title and no body and it wasn't shared. Is there a way to wipe everything and start from scratch? It will be damn boring but EN's reliability is THE WORST if I can't trust a note to be synched and I need to babysit the app.
  7. I have around 20 notes total and most of them have only plain text. I have done some tests with pics and audio in Galaxy Note 3's S Note but nothing big. I could just copy them to Notepad2, delete and recreate, but I wanted to find what caused it. I'll try to export and import back, this is getting troubling.
  8. I have done it. There's the Sync button on the right of my account name. Also, I've seen a lot of times the popup saying it had synched, What could be happening? Should I recreate those notes?
  9. lol yes it's very fun to integrate apps, I'd like to have time to develop some! All I really need is a note to be moved from one tag to another in begining of its due date. I'll stick with Conqu for that, it's powerful. If I can use Evernote to handle notes that aren't tasks that require action, I'll leave Conqu top efficient for tasks that require action. And for knowledge base I'm thinking if I remain in Brain Mapping or if EN can do that for me.
  10. Well I've tried some other alternatives too. Evernote+TSW, Todoist, Trello and Nozbe. Trello is easy to adapt to GTD but it also doesn't move tasks on due date. Todoist seems to be just a todo-list. Nozbe seems to be cool, I'll take a look later. None at all beat Conqu in GTD ground. I can live without Soon-Later-Someday containers but I use Conqu in the right way. I've been using Conqu to add notes that must be shared thru home and work, Now with my Galaxy Note 3, I may just use Evernote for that, removing bloat stuff from Conqu and making it more efficient. I will also try some Brain Mapping solutions for heavy note taking, but I will probably remain in EN. EN + Conqu will probably fit 98% of my needs.
  11. Interesting... no they don't! I've checked and my notebooks are of type synchronized. What must I do to send them to server and make them available on web and android client??
  12. Hello. I've been testing EN for some days. Today I got my Galaxy Note 3 and EN was installed on it, I just updated it. (This shouldn't be an EN issue, but just to note it. Android doesn't let me add EN icon to "desktop" and it doesn't appear on Apps list. Only in the MultiWindow tab it's available) I signed in it with my account, and from aroudn 15 notes only 3 were shown in it. As I've tested, now all new notes from any place is added to Android and Windows, but earler ones aren't still available in Android. Any idea how to fix it?
  13. lol nice points In fact, I'm currently using Conqu for it. It's great for GTD handling, but not so good for storing notes and it takes too much space and also haven't been being updated with new features. I don't wanna use both and I read some GTD implementaton on EN, so I decided to do the swich. EN has the advantage of replacing Backburner for more containers, like Soon, Later and Someday. TSW is a good template. The issue I have is handling tasks that are scheduled. I know very well GTD is gainst it, but as the example I pointed, there ARE tasks that will happen in a given time, like a meeting. As I'm testing, I'm also facing the issue of moving a note from (example) Next no Now and it remaining in Next. It would be good if it was removed automatically. I may enhance TSW by moving When containers to Notebooks.
  14. ALAIK it doesn't. As I tried it, it shows a quic popup when due date and time comes, then I never see about it again. What I'd like is the note to move from a tag to another (in dev POV, be added to a tag and removed from another). And also, it should happen in start of the day, regardless of the time.
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