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no audio note icon listed when clicking on"+" for new note, using basic EN

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I'm actually not sure where I saw that - I tend to hang around here a lot,  and check the LinkedIn and G+ groups,  the Evernote Blog plus playing around with new updates when they arrive to find out where things went*.  


You may have noticed that Evernote recently released updates for Windows,  Mac,  iOS and Android (and I think Blackberry crept in there too..) all of which include new account types and bug fixes as well as design upgrades.  They've been working pretty hard recently and I suspect the documentation might take a little while to catch up.


The best way to find answers to 'how do I...?' problems (apart from asking here) is probably to have a look at the Knowledge Base pages here - https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/product/evernote


Though in some cases they can be a little dusty around the edges.


If in doubt ask.  There's always some smart alec here with a comment.


*Obsessed?  Maybe a tiny,  wee bit...?   :ph34r:

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