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how to create enlargeble images in a note


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using EN windows desktop version +android version i would like to find the best way to create enlargeble images in a note. 

The ways i tried: 


  1. little image + large image as attached (if you don't know how to set an image as attached look that
  • ScreenClip_zpshs9jsqwt.png
  • not possible to see images as attached on android version so a note with many images is not easy to view and read. 
  1. little image + pdf image as attached 
  • ScreenClip%201_zpst97wq00l.png
  • is not very practical especially on android version. 



Some other idea? Thanks in advance





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On mobile if you tap on a single image, it should expand to full-screen mode and you should be able to flip through a gallery of images contained in a single note.

Then there's presentation mode (Premium) which also has a gallery mode for images (once you tap on an image), with the added ability to zoom out to a gallery of thumbnails of all images contained within a note. I'm not sure whether you might find that useful for your purposes or if you currently have access to presentation mode.

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Thanks for your reply. I have premium presentation mode but the problem is that i have a lot of big pictures in a single note so i need to see pictures as attached. That is possible in desktop version but not in android version. The result is that the note not work good in android. 

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Did you access thumbnail images in the gallery mode in presentation mode? Just checking. Once again, that may or may not be useful to you... but I have a feeling that you have simply accessed presentation mode... not the gallery mode thumbnail images within presentation mode (by first tapping on an image in presentation mode).


Mac users are able to resize images inline, which when clicked on (tapped on mobile) expand to a full-screen image. I'm just wondering right now whether those images will be resized across devices. Even so, that wouldn't help if one did not have a Mac.


Another strategy to work around the CNS (cluttered note syndrome) might be to further split individual notes into smaller, bite-size notes. If you set up a tag or notebook context flipping through your notes in snippet view (or as a sort of run-on note in presentation mode) makes you realize that your related data does not all need to live in the same note. Of course, that all depends on one's willingness to wrap their mind around tagging conventions. 

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